What is fascia? Fascia encloses all our muscles in the body and is our connective tissue.

Why do we have back pain? (Or knee pain, pain in the foot, calf or achilles?)
- Reduction of elasticity in fascia
- Thickening/Reduction of fascia
- Scarring of tissue
= Irritation and worse mechanical function of the affected area

Fascia is tightly populated by receptors and nerv-endings, which is why they can afflict 10 x more pain than muscle. It is most important to keep our fascia smooth so that our muscles can freely expand and contract like they should.

The course FASCIA TRAINING is every Thursday at 6.30 PM and will take place with a minimum of 3 participants. As with all our other courses the cost is CHF 50 or with a 12 session package CHF 500.


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