nikki’s Small Group Training (Boot Camp)
This small group training class is for people of all ages who wish to improve their overall fitness and seek to ‘functionally’ move better in life. You will train at a higher heart rate to improve endurance, energy and burn maximum calories. The boot camp allows you to go to your own personal limit in a safe environment. It�s an absolute MUST for everyone who seeks a variation to his/her workout at a Fitness Center or as an addition to jogging. The boot camp is fun, motivates and makes you strong. Train with equipment you don�t find at a Fitness Center:TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX RIP Trainer, BOSU Ball Balance Trainer, Power Plate, GTS Gravity Gym, Kettle Bells....and much more. After an intensive warm up program you will work out approximately 50 minutes to loud music and stretch afterwards. Minimum 4, maximum 9 people Duration 60 minutes

nikki’s Core Boot Camp
This boot camp focuses on Core strength. It is a MUST for every golfer and everyone who wishes to increase their core stability and strength. Forget about your back pains with a strong core. This class incorporates lots of Pilates elements. Minimum 4, maximum of 9 participants. Duration 60 minutes.