What is functional training?
Would you like to improve your posture? Or carry your groceries up the stairs without getting winded? Do you have troubles to pick up your own child or grandchild? Would you like to get better in your favorite sport or passion? One time in your life run a marathon or climb a mountain? Functional Training serves to optimize your performance in strength, speed, endurance, coordination and mobility. Free three-dimensional training perfectly prepares your body for different movement demands and serves especially as a prevention from sports- and everyday life injuries. You will train the deeper/inner muscles as well as the ‘big’ muscles. The movements in functional training are  easy on your joints yet the exercises are challenging and fun. You will train with untraditional tools and will gain a new sense of your body. For example you will learn to move on one leg and not lose your balance or you will practice your golf swing with resistance for more power and strength. With a combination of strength and cardio training and yoga and pilates like exercises you will improve your fitness and wellbeing almost immediately. Functional training is also much more fun than sitting on a machine and pressing weight. It will strengthen you mentally and physically, guaranteed.