nikki´s personal training - a state of mind and body

Benefit from 20 years of professional experience in personal fitness training and coaching which Nikki Stalder has acquired in California.
Since February 2013 nikki´s personal training is with a new studio in Altendorf SZ

Would you like to run a marathon, build more muscle or fit into your clothes again after a pregnancy? Or do you want to get in shape again after an injury? nikki´s personal training is meant for people of all ages who want to achieve their fitness goals.

Discover a training that motivates, is diversified and efficient! Achieve strength, endurance, balance and weight loss through a targeted fitness program dedicated to your own specific needs. You will be surprised how quickly you see results. The team of nikki′s personal training are certified fitness trainers with many years of experience in Switzerland and abroad. Yes, all of us speak fluent English. We are able to provide you with professional advise how you can improve your fitness level in every aspect, mentally and physically. We can put together a training program that fits your personal abilities and lifestyle.

Benefit from our extensive knowledge about personal training, fitness coaching, Post OP training and nutrition. Our positive thinking, patience and enthusiasm will accompany you to better mental and physical health and a more active life that will ultimately lead to more quality of life and happiness.

Experience already today, more quality of life, more energy, more joy.

We look forward to seeing you!

Nikki Stalder and Team

Nikki�s Personaltraining Altendorf