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Daniel G. Altendorf
Since mid November 2016 when Daniel started training at Nikki’s he lost 18 kilos. Thanks to adjustments to his diet and his commitment to training, Daniel could make huge changes to his wardrobe. There is still work to do, but Daniel is on the right track. Dani, we are very proud of you. Keep going!

Kristin has written a testimonial about her experience with us and her great effort at her first marathon. Kristin, we are so proud of you!!! Keep up the great work!!!
The only sport activity I did in the last thirty plus years was skiing for a couple of days every season. For health reasons I decided on 02.07.2016 to start doing at least some sports. To keep up my motivation level, I signed up for the half marathon Luzern on 30.10.2016 (after having never run before...).
I felt I really need to have a personal trainer who would accompany me through the whole process of planning, preparation, training, individual adaptation of training methods depending on my skills and fitness level.
After I found Nikki during my Internet research, everything went really fast: we first met on 08.07.16, my first PT-session was on 12.07.16 (incl. measuring, fitness test, etc.), and I received my training schedule: 3-4 runs and 2 PT-sessions per week. The training intensity increased steadily and after some sore muscles the first results came up – hard and perfectly shaped abs and waist, strong legs and a high sense of balance was a nice side effect.
On 30.10.16 I did my first half marathon in 142 min, even 6 min faster than projected during training time! Back home I immediately signed up for the next half marathon, this time in Paris on 05.03.17. Of course again with accompanying PT preparation through Nikki and her team!
Thank you Nikki, Iren and Daniela, see you soon!!

Anna, Schindellegi SZ
After an intense phase of my life I was ready to direct my focus towards my health and fitness again. I decided to seek professional help and that’s why I came to Nikki’s Personal Training. I wanted to feel healthy and strong again and I needed more energy for my challenging professional life and my active lifestyle. The regular personal trainings and core boot camps at Nikki’smade me see positive changes soon after I got started. My body is stronger, my shape more defined and my muscles boost my metabolism. Today, I’m more resistant to stress and I sleep better. My powerful core muscles prevent back pain and support my golfing skills! 

Emily,Pfäffikon SZ
I’ve been training with Nikki for about a year. I’ve not only lost a lot of weight (24kg in fact) but my fitness level is much better than it ever was. Nikki helped to inspire me to change a lot of my old eating habits and eat things that give me the energy to train harder. I’m even considering a career in fitness and health. What I like best about training with Nikki is that she is such a fun person to be with and she has really good people to train with when she’s not there. Through her studio, I even got hooked up with a trainer in California to work with when I was there on vacation! I’m so much happier with my new body (and all my new clothes!) and I can’t imagine ever going back to not working out.

Caroline, Wollerau SZ
Before I started personal training my only workout on a regular basis was jogging. After some intensive weeks with Nikki I could both see and feel a big difference; more defined and toned muscles, I was stronger and had more energy. I trained specifically for a big ski touring trip and the result was excellent. I could hike and ski for hours in high altitude which used to be a challenge. The second goal was my mother’s wedding dress I wanted to fit into for my own wedding and I made it! With help from Nikki I lost several kilos by getting guidance on nutrition, working out hard and following a special training program during my vacation. Having a trainer makes me put in a little extra effort as well as not finding an excuse not to work out. Nikki always corrects me, making sure I do the exercises correctly. As a trainer Nikki is great because she varies the exercises so it doesn’t get tiring and she is always positive and keeps up with the newest techniques, knowledge and equipment. Training has become an important part of my lifestyle. I continue working out to maintain a healthy body and a higher energy level than before.

Wayne Pearce, Zurich
Nikki was my personal trainer in 2010 in Zurich. Nikki did a wonderful job getting me back in shape, after I had spent a few years thinking I could get by without a regular exercise program! What set Nikki apart was her ability to make each session special. The program was always different and I never felt we were repeating a routine. How Nikki did that and still kept the exercise so beneficial surprised me...and still does! Nikki was a lot of fun to work out with. Oh... and the best part of the fun time that I spent with her, was the great gain I made in improvements to my physique and endurance level.

Larry Bridges, Los Angeles, California
I weighed 240 pounds. I was not in good shape. I wasn’t eating right and I was having joint pain. (kness and shoulders) I combined fitness training with visits to a nutritionist and, over the course of 5 years lost over fifty pounds and acquired the knowledge and discipline of healthy eating and regular exercise. My trainer, Nikki Stalder, is a rare combination of an athlete and a healer. She inspires me to reach for my best each day we train, but at the same time she provides me with advice on nutrition and mental health, which make me fit to live in a stressful world.

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